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Welcome to our award winning services helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals! 

Supplying high quality training, consultancy and support services to the public, private and voluntary sectors across London, East and South England, we are renowned for our:


Ö         Customer-focussed approach

Ö         Friendly, professional services which are well organised and efficient 

Ö         Services adapted to meet customer requirements

Ö         Caring attitude

Ö         Excellent communications

Ö         Safer recruitment practices

Ö         Qualified and experienced staff, undertaking regular    continued professional development

Ö         Innovative courses, making learning fun and enjoyable

Ö         Reliability

Ö         Flexibility

Ö         Clear charging policy

Ö         Value for money

We enable commissioning customers to:

Ö         Meet statutory/professional obligations

Ö         Target delivery to local/national priorities

Ö         Retain quality/professional workforces

Ö         Maintain quality services

Ö         Provide early intervention services, reducing subsequent        expenditure

Ö         Evidence impact and value for money

Ö         Retain their reputation

Ö         Improve family life/children’s outcomes

And our learners to:

Ö         Raise/maintain their confidence

Ö         Network, build constructive relationships and reduce isolation

Ö         Gain new skills

Ö         Consider new approaches, improving practice

Ö         Ensure their provision reflects current legislation, guidance and  good  practice

Ö         Be enthused and encouraged to develop themselves further

Ö         Ensure the safety of their workforce, customers and families

Don't just take our word for it, see our customer and learner testimonials.

We have a variety of accredited and non-accredited programmes to suit all budgets, including open-course programmes in Erith and Bromley, enabling organisations to train groups or individuals and thus focus training budgets where they are most needed.

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